Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here is the finished product.

One of the last steps in creating fire is to add some highlights. To do this I used white and just a couple of drops of Chrome Yellow to create a pale yellow.

In this picture I have added another layer of fire using chrome yellow and then Pagan Gold candy over it. The Pagan Gold is the color that really makes it look like it's glowing.

The next step is to add orange and red candy to give the background fire a red-ish orange color.

I have started to add some detail by using stencils to give the fire some direction.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Now I start to build the fire. I used Chrome yellow and roughly free handed where I want the fire to go.

Here I have added the smoke which is the first step in building the fire for this project. You can also see the little flame lick coming out of the eye of the skull on the corner of the hood.

Here is what the whole hood looks like at this point.

I then used black and lightly sprayed in the wrinkles, burn marks, and shadows to make the rips look more 3 dimensional. At this point the only color I have used for all of the detail so far in my airbrush is black

After painting the skulls I applyed intercoat clear to protect the art work so I could scuff the paint the next day to allow for proper adhesion seeing how this project took more then a day to finish. The next step was to draw the rips, mask the skulls and paint the riped areas. I used Orian Silver to paint the rips.
I have finished detailing the skulls and if you look at the lower left hand corner you can see that I have started to apply black where some of the fire will be.
In this picture you can see that I have started to define the jaw bone on the upper skull, and the eye sockets on the one in the middle. Also I have finished the vains connecting the skulls.

Skull fire hood

This is a hood that I did last spring for a customer.
I started by wet sanding the hood down with 500 grit paper and then I mask the hood leaving the area where the skulls will be open. I based the hood where the skulls will be white. I used one of Craig Frasers Wrath of Skull Master stencils to paint the skulls. I used the stencil to get the basic shape of the skull that I wanted. When using a stencil, you only want to spray a light coat of color down to get a basic pattern, then you can detail the skulls freehand.

After unmasking the red, I masked the bottom side of the flames and sprayed the black, then added a Platinum Pearl pinstripe and cleared. This is the final product.

After laying out the flames I sprayed the red. This is a custom color I came up with for the customer. To achieve this color I used House of Kolor Euro red as my base followed by Razberry Pearl and then Candy apple red.